Full transparency, all I want to do is help change the world for the better. The goal is to enlighten and empower people through casual conversations with inspiring human beings. Asking questions not typically broached. Honest testimony. Sharing the stories of others and hopefully helping people realize that the struggles they face are not unique to them. Far too often we only celebrate the successes and the results of a person's hard work but we seldom highlight the grind, the work ethic, and the sacrifices they made to get there.
A major part of the show is vulnerability. Yes, it will be lighthearted. Yes, there will be a lot of laughing. I just hope people walk away with a different perspective as well. Something they can take with them on the journey to becoming their best selves.


Absolutely motivating!
This podcasts pushes me to think in a very positive way. It motivates me to fight for everything I have envisioned and all the other things I can’t even imagine. Anthony and his guests share their stories—achievements, struggles, and passions, and they do not fail to move you towards wanting a better version of yourself. I’m grateful for this podcast.

Agueda Garcia

It’s hard to see the forest from the trees.
This podcast will live forever, generations to come will listen, take heed, and begin the hard work of transforming their lives into what they’ve been called to. Anthony and his guest speak bold, foundation fortifying words of breakthrough on each and every episode. I’m more in touch with my calling, because I’ve put consistency around listening to this podcast. Incredible work.Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.


Yes, Yes, YES!!! Words can’t express how this podcast has touched me. It inspires me to be a Higher me. Thank you.

Ms. Lilola

Real talk with laughs
This podcast brings all of Anthony’s passions to life and if you didn’t know before now you will understand why he is genuinely a wonderful human being. Anthony builds upon his message of strength and self love via the guests that he has on the podcast. He doesn’t shy away from tough subjects and still manages to make you laugh while listening to each episode. He also offers a refreshing perspective that many podcasts don’t offer.


Positivity & Motivation at its best!!
Absolutely love Anthony’s podcast- Interesting guests, v insightful questions and conversations, lots of laughter and positivity. I love tuning into how Anthony and others find success, motivation, creativity, growth, fluidity, and address their challenges/ setbacks. The stories & truthful experiences shared translate into lessons I can take in and apply in my everyday. Inspiration, positivity and motivation at its finest in Bout that time!!

Mere Jones

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